For those seeking a lucrative Portugal investment, or looking to acquire a hands-off opportunity that meets Golden Visa criteria, a Private Equity Fund investment may be for you. . When the law changed last November to allow Golden visa applicants to apply via a Private Equity Fund for as little as €350,000, our savvy partners designed a product to fit the bill. Whilst we have seen many of these now land on the desks at Hurst & Wills, HQ, this is the one that has impressed us the most.

The main reason that we like this fund is that it is underpinned by a single property, which is already built and a going concern, making profitable returns in a premium Lisbon neighbourhood.

Designed by a credible team, whom have been our partners for a number of years, and successfully generated returns for our client in the past, the fund was created primarily for Golden Visa. However, we have now seen stand alone investors taking advantage of this hands-free investment opportunity as a way to benefit from the thriving Portugal property market.

The minimum investment in this fund is €350,000 for one Fund unit. One unit is all that is needed for full Golden Visa eligibility which can include dependent family members. The investment pays a minimum coupon of 3.00% per annum PLUS a share of upside in earnings each year and of any additional value on eventual sale of the asset.

The Benefits

  • €350,000 only
  • Completely hands-off
  • No purchase costs
  • Qualifies for Golden Visa
  • 3% NET return
  • Upside on share of operational profits
  • Share of Capital gain on sale
  • Exempt of income tax
  • Exempt of Capital Gains Tax
  • Sell your share anytime
  • Managed by credible partners