Invest in Portugal’s magnificent islands, and get your Golden Visa

In recent years, Lisbon and Porto have been on our radars for our SA investors looking to capitalize on a booming property market and gain citizenship.  This year the Portuguese government removed most coastal cities from the residency program, leaving low density and inland areas, plus the option of investing in 2 of the most popular regions; The islands of Madeira & the Azores 

Discovered in the 15th century, it only took a few hundred years for most of us to even know about them, but take a 1.5-hour flight from Lisbon and you’ll find Portugal’s two overseas archipelagos: the Azores (due west) and Madeira (to the southwest, north of the Canary Islands). Both are famous for their beautiful landscapes and mild climate. And both are popular destinations due to the balmy weather, opportunities for surfing and diving, charming villages, healthy food and friendly locals. 

A few hours away from the main European Capitals, many of which with direct flights, Madeira Island offers stunning landscapes, winding roads, world renowned wine and breathtaking views.  A safe region sought after by digital nomads and tourists from all over the world, it has become a popular place to live, and on the list for many South Africans due to the ancestral ties. Funchal is the biggest city and also the capital of the archipelago.  Madeira’s most visited place, it lures people in with its golden sandy beaches, mesmerizing flora and vibrant nightlife. 

 Properties here range from apartment hotels in the Island’s capital to rustic homes in the hills and luxury cliff top villas. Madeira is considered one of the more expensive regions of Portugal, and to qualify for Golden visa, investors must spend €500,000 on a property. 

The archipelago of the Azores is made up of nine volcanic islands, the biggest being Sao Miguel. Ponta Delgada is the main city and the entire population of the nine islands is about 250,000. Up until 10 years ago, the Azores were pretty isolated. With little night life or big hotels, the Azores main attraction is nature and serenity. It is ideal for those searching for laid back living, and also for the nature-loving adventurers. Nicknamed the ‘Hawaii of Portugal’, because of its access to fumaroles, hot springs, caverns, and cliffed coasts, The Azores has become a haven for ecotourism, diving, water sports, whale watching, and hiking. 

Properties range from eco-tourist resorts,, luxury villas on nature estates and waterside apartments that can qualify for both the €350,000 and €500,000 categories of Golden Visa.