Our team met Kurt at an investment summit, he was in a state where he had done as much research as he could on his own but was feeling overwhelmed by the options and various developers who were approaching him directly. His brief was straight forward: Invest in high yielding rental property that would grow in time. He wanted a safe bet, but didn’t have time to travel to the places.

After meeting several times to ensure we really understood his circumstances and requirements we recommended two projects within his budget of R12m. He selected a luxury apartment in Oxygen, one of the best projects in Manchester, and 2 smaller student accommodations.

The Manchester apartment is set to achieve a 5.7% NET yield. More importantly, we expect his apartment to achieve impressive growth, he achieved 16% growth last year alone.

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This project is by an excellent developer, and we arranged for Kurt to meet with the MD there, just to give him that extra piece of mind, even though we had done a thorough due diligence already. We also helped to secure him a mortgage at UK interest rates, for 70% of the purchase price.

After the success of Oxygen, Kurt is also looking to now add to the portfolio and purchase in Birmingham, so we have selected a few suitable projects, with a 6% yield. He is also considering a purchase in Algarve, and is flying out next week to view properties we have selected for him there. He would like to apply for his Golden Visa, should he find a suitable property, so we have arranged for him to meet with Golden Visa consultant whilst on the ground.

We have been delighted to partner with Kurt on his journey on building a successful offshore property portfolio. He was always reluctant to buy from developers directly, and respects our brand agnostic approach, allowing us to make suggestions that fit in line with his goals.

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