The private Equity Fund is SA’s favourite route to Golden Visa right now


During covid times, the PEF (Private Equity Fund)  is a popular option for those wanting to get a Golden Visa by year end, before the law changes, (removing most cities from the program and upping the minimum investment requirements by more than 40%).

 Unlike with a property purchase, you don’t need to leave your armchair.  All you need to do is invest €350,000 into a fund, and submit your application.  But first, you need to choose one, and there are several options.

5 Things to consider when looking for a PEF:

  • Is the fund underpinned by a single asset or several?
  • Are the assets residential, commercial, hospitality, logistics, or a mix?
  • What is the cycle or length of the fund?
  • What is the annual targeted return?
  • What fees are the fund managers charging?

Hurst & Wills have access to several Private Equity Funds, and having done our due diligence, we are happy to share our thoughts on which one suits you best.  If you would like to have a chat or view our presentation, book your non-obligation chat with us today.