Investing in offshore property is easier and more accessible than you may think.

Property opportunities

As an independent property advisory Hurst & Wills represents you the buyer to source the perfect investment opportunity. Connect with our team of industry experts.

Reasons to consider
investing in offshore property

  • Currency Hedge against a volatile rand
  • Access to global growth

  • Diversification

  • Solid stable returns in hard currency

  • Citizenship

  • Leveraging at low rates

Property top picks

At Hurst & Wills, we have access to a wide selection of properties across different sectors, regions and continents. We visit our market locations regularly, hand picking the best properties to share with you. Taking into consideration current factors, the currency and market motivators, here is a selection of the best picks right now:

The Address

1 Hope Square, Altrincham, Manchester, WA14 2YP

The Exchange

Pole Street, Preston, PR1 1DX

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Questions to ask your property advisor

Questions to ask your property advisor

Most will agree the most important piece of the investing  jigsaw is your trusted expert advisor.  After all, you can't know all there is to know about every aspect of every investment.  Putting your hard earned cash into offshore real estate is a big commitment, and...

What type of property is most in demand?

What type of property is most in demand?

Should you invest in 1 or 2 bedroom properties? Most investors assume that the more rooms you have, the more people you can rent your property to.  But this doesn’t always equate to the best yields or business model in buy-to-let investment. When deciding on what size...

UK Property up by 15%

UK Property up by 15%

House prices have risen sharply across the UK, driven by an increase of more than 15% in the year to May in the North West of England Official figures show property prices also rose at a rapid rate in Scotland, Wales and the North East of England. The Office for...