Hurst & Wills is a boutique international real estate advisory based in Cape Town. We provide bespoke property sourcing for foreign investors from both Africa and overseas, specialising in dealing with the complexities of foreign property investment.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of global property markets, Hurst & Wills utilises our international expertise and background in successful investment to deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

As experienced international property investors, Hurst & Wills offers an intimate understanding of the UK, South African and many other global property markets. Our founder, Lisa Bathurst, is an international investor herself, with a global portfolio acquired over 20 years and experience living in prime investment cities across Europe, Africa and Asia.

With an international team working between Cape Town, London and Lisbon, Hurst & Wills can assist in property purchases across the globe, whether they are looking to find their perfect home or to develop a prosperous investment portfolio. We understand that every client’s needs are unique, so take a holistic approach to our work, examining each client’s current investments and wealth strategy to find solutions that meet their needs.

Our advisory services extend to many other fields that impact property purchases, as we offer access to international experts in areas such as fiduciary, forex, legal and financial advice.


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“Our mission is to nurture long lasting relationships and offer unrivalled value to our clients. We are committed to achieving our client’s objectives, going above and beyond what is expected.”

Process and how we work

At Hurst & Wills we will help unravel the complexities of purchasing foreign property. We will lead you through the process, from research to purchase, and from management to exit.


Research is a huge part of our success, and we make sure we know what is happening in the global arena both from a property and economy point of view. We identify key markets and investments that offer attractive opportunities for our South African clients.

Site Visits

We visit our markets every three months, checking the progress, infrastructure and conducting site visits, whilst liaising with our partners on the ground on a weekly basis.


Our team of specialists are here to guide you through the process of establishing and building your international property portfolio. We take the stress out of decisions by providing you with a carefully researched shortlist of properties to meet your financial goals.


Once you have selected your property, we work with our local and foreign partners to guide you through every step of the process, negotiating price and terms on your behalf and seeing the sale through to completion.

Complementary support

Whilst we encourage you to always seek your own financial and tax advice, we can consider this when suggesting your property plan. We can refer you to the best specialists and advise when to invest to take advantage of discretionary allowances, and the best foreign exchange rates, and most efficient tax planning.

Site Visits:

We visit our markets every three months, checking the progress, infrastructure and conducting site visits, whilst liaising with our partners on the ground on a weekly basis.

Exit Strategy

We believe in lifelong clients, not on a one-off sale. We are committed to helping you build your international property portfolio, and can advise on a long-term strategy including diversification, resale and exit strategy.

Meet the team

Lisa Bathurst

As an international investor, with a global portfolio acquired over 20 years. Lisa started Hurst & Wills to fill a gap in the market. Today, she remains active managing director, and specialises in facilitating property deals between SA & Europe for both individual investors and larger institutions.

Shelly Wilson

With a thorough understanding of offshore markets, Shelly specialises in advising clients on investing in overseas property. With a decade of experience in UK property, Shelly goes above and beyond in matching clients with their investments, and hand-holding them through the journey.

Gavin Coetzee

Gavin makes everything work behind the scenes at Hurst & Wills. From IT systems, to facilitating trips and events. Gavin has a decade of experience in property and systems and is a legend at making sure everything runs smoothly and our clients are well taken care of.

Nicola Probyn

Nicola is from Firecracker Marketing & Events and oversees all marketing strategy and activity at Hurst & Wills. She brings her passion for brand and client relationship management to create a customer centric focus.

Inky Dresner

Inky from Soapbox Communications is a media relations and communications practitioner bringing almost 3 decades of experience and knowledge about creating awareness for businesses, to Hurst & Wills


“Making a property purchase is a big dicision for many and this made all the more daunting if the property is in another country.  Hurst and Wills have both the experience and the expertise as well as independence to be able to partner with the right people, jprovide valuable insight into the market and guide you through the process. . Hurst and wills where always very efficient, up to date and proactive and kept me informed at every stage along the way. They really were a pleasure to deal with”


Tim (UK property investor)

“Making a substantial investment in property in a country of which one has little knowledge is a daunting prospect. Local knowledge counts for a lot. Lisa Bathurst of Hurst & Wills gave me just that, situated within the broader context of Portugal’s property market. Lisa listened carefully to my needs and pointed me in the right directions – with the result that I have purchased a property that is more than ideal!”


Mark Mason (Portugal property buyer)