Investment Property

Hurst & Wills provides a full service to clients wanting to invest in property overseas.
We guide our clients through the complexities of foreign investment every step of the way, offering carefully selected stock that will complement any wealth strategy.​

By analysing the markets, changes in legislation and currency fluctuations, we source the best of international property available, with an emphasis on stability, monthly income and capital appreciation.

Many people want to invest in property overseas but don’t know where to start, or are overwhelmed by the potential pitfalls. Hurst & Wills will guide you through the process, providing a carefully researched shortlist of properties to meet your financial goals.

We only work with the best and most reputable developers and our team do site visits every 3-4 months so you can rest easy. We operate with the highest integrity and will never suggest a property that we haven’t personally invested in and done extensive due diligence on.

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“Our role is to assess your personal situation, and offer guidance and options of where to invest.”

Citizenship Property

Many of our clients are purchasing property as a way to access visa-free travel, residency and citizenship. We work closely with immigration specialists across a wide variety of markets, so that the property element of your visa application stacks up.

We source properties, developments and projects that satisfy the strict criteria of citizen-by-investment programmes, doing this by working directly with vendors, developers and onshore agents.

We don’t claim to be immigration experts, as one would not expect an immigration company to be property specialists. However, we visit our residency markets regularly to ensure that we are up-to-date with the best areas and developments available.

This means that long after you have your visa/passport, your property is working for you, in line with your wider wealth strategy and your family’s objectives.

Use your investment to attain citizenship
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Our Locations include:





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“​We make sure that the property element of your investment stacks up”

Invest in South African Property

Hurst & Wills brings an international perspective to investing the South African property market.
Our Cape Town-based team has in-depth knowledge of this hugely diverse property market across South Africa, and the opportunities that exist.

Whether you are looking to buy a lifestyle property, an interventional investment or equity partner here in South Africa our team have the expertise to assist you throughout the process.

As an independent company, we work exclusively for you, the buyer. This allows us to offer the largest possible portfolio of properties, and give impartial advice that best serves our clients needs, liaising directly with vendors and estate agents, and pre-view on your behalf.

To ensure you’re making an informed decision, we advise on any potential issues, offer you a selection of comparable properties, and assist in negotiating the best price.

We can guide you through the entire process of purchasing a property in South Africa by advising on lawyers, financiers, specialists and tradespeople, closely monitoring the entire process.

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“Our mission is to nurture long lasting relationships and offer unrivalled value to our clients.”

Bespoke property acquisitions

Our buyer’s acquisition service offers clients access to off-market commercial opportunities and bespoke properties. Utilising our global network, we facilitate investors looking for partners overseas and foreign investors looking for opportunities here in Africa, putting you in touch with the right people.


JV with a developer overseas
Bulk buy apartments
Purchase completed developments
Access land with planning permissions
Curate a diversified property portfolio
Find a specific unique property such as a vineyard, chateau, business premises
Please note that this service is subject to minimum investments and professional sourcing fees will apply.


Please note that this service is subject to minimum investments and professional sourcing fees will apply.

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