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Scotland provides real potential for international investors. Based on a solid infrastructure and connectivity, Scotland offers a buoyant property market, supported by its skilled and talented workforce, thriving culture and world-class universities. 70% of the country are happy renters, which only serves to illustrate a need for more private rental schemes.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2019 UK Economic Outlook report, the average house price in Scotland is set to go up by 14% in the next 4 years, following a decade of very little construction.


With its powerful educational draw, history and culture, and a sustained, growing population of young professionals, Edinburgh is on the map for foreign investors looking for lucrative buy to let.
Identified as one of the best cities for prospects in 2019, Edinburgh, according to JLL, is one of the best cities for residential investment and house prices are expected to rise by 18% by 2023.

The city’s large young population are looking for purpose built private rental stock which is lacking in the city, so is Purpose Built Student Accommodation. In fact, the population is set to rise an estimated 28% over the next decade. Areas like stockbridge, Leith and Gorgie are amongst the most desirable for renters.


Scotland’s other major City, Glasgow, is booming. Boasting a GVA of over £40 billion, making it the largest economy in Scotland, and the fourth largest economy in the whole UK.
Glasgow is known for its retail, and is home to the largest retail centre outside of London. That combined with the tech innovation drive of the city is resulting in 50% of students staying on here to take advantage of the opportunities, and in turn, providing a solid tenant base for rental properties.

Glasgow also benefits from a well-developed transportation network that enables excellent connectivity. It is home to an array of impressive blue chip companies, 3 world class universities, and holds the accolade of Scotland’s friendliest city.

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